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Joe May Valet provides twice weekly pick up and delivery to the Metro Atlanta area. We also offer convenient monthly credit card billing.

Receive 25% off our prices for 60 days when you sign up for our Pick Up & Delivery Service.

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Home Pick-Up or Delivery Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How will I pay you? – We will bill you monthly. You have the option of mailing a check or you can request automatic billing on your Visa, Master Card or American Express.
  2. How do I inform you of a special instruction I may have? – Just attach a note to your garment and our staff will do the rest!
  3. Do I need to be home twice a week waiting for my pick-up & delivery? – Absolutely not! In fact most of our customers are not home. Just designate an area with your sales representative and they’ll take care of everything . . . .
  4. How often do you come to my location? – Our qualified sales representative will visit your location twice weekly.

Services We Provide . . .

  1. Professional Dry cleaning – State of the Art Technology
  2. Laundry Shirts/Starch Pants
  3. Laundry Flatwork/Sheets/Table Cloths
  4. Comforters/Blankets/Pillows
  5. Rug Cleaning
  6. Leather and Fur Cleaning
  7. Alterations/Sewing
  8. Shoe Repair

We Recycle All Coat Hangers and Make a Donation to Charity

Five Convenient Locations  American Family Owned and Operated Since 1936 !

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